We’re doing it wrong : In the bathroom we should pooping in squat position not sitting

We’re doing it wrong : In the bathroom we should pooping in squat position not sitting


Germany doctor Giulia Enders explains that sitting on the toilet when pooping can results in stress bowels, hemorrhoids, constipation …

A healthy and regular digestion is the basis of human health,because it allows regular discharge of harmful substances from the body.However, the topic of bowel movements is something we are lacking in the health aspect, believes the German microbiologist Giulia Enders.

In her new book “Charming digestion” she address the issue of the technique of performing bowel movements and she claim that sitting¬†on the toilet can results in numerous health problems – like hemorrhoids, constipation, excessive stress intestine, the occurrence of anal fistulas and other condition, reports the Daily Mail.


Simple prevention for that is squat,which is most natural position for bowels.

About 1.2 billion people world wide is squating while pooping and that is the reason why they have a significantly lower rate of gastrointestinal problems – said Enders.
She recommend to get on the toilet and squat,and for people that can’t do this,she recommend placing benches on which will raise the foot in front of the shell and the body tilting forward on the toilet.

This is the difference in the position of performing bowel movements with squatting and sitting:

sitting vs squatting
People where pooping in squat position until the middle of the 19th century and then they were replaced with sitting shells which are providing us with more comfort,but actually more health problems.

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  • At first I thought that Squatty Potty device was just a smart gimmick with a brilliant commercial but the more time went by I realized that it really is a great idea. Mostly because it educates the majority of people who have never used a squat toilet and also the rest who were completely turned off by them because they were dirty or uncomfortable. And even though a grown man like myself can sort of fake the squat the stool makes it allot easier for shorter people because it raises their legs up and this make teaching children much less challenging. A wise purchase for such a small amount of money. Add a Hand Bidet Sprayer so you can wash with water and you’ll be cleaner, healthier and save money.

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