If you have this type of pain,you should immediately visit the doctor!


If you have this type of pain,you should immediately visit the doctor!


Most of us often suffer for some type of pain in legs,back or hands thinking that this is normal.However if you experience this specific pain you should visit your doctor!

For example,cause of the pain in the stomach and back may be different but often the cause is something that we must not ignore.If you experience such pain, urgently call your doctor,because it is important to determine the real causes.

Here are some tips:

Symptoms: Sharp pain in the lower right side of the abdomen

Cause: appendicitis

It manifests itself when the entrance to the appendix is blocked but leads to infection. The absence of treatment can cause the hose or abscess.
If you feel nausea, fever or vomiting, immediately consult your doctor.

Symptoms: You feel a strong pain in the back
The cause: inflammation of the kidneys
If you feel the strong burning during urination the cause is most likely kidney infection.The bacteria from the bladder climb into the upper urinary tract.
If you have inflammtion of the kidneys you could experience also fever,nusea and vomiting.Treatment requires the use of antibiotics.

Symptoms: Severe pain in the abdomen accompanied by bloating

Cause: irritable bowel syndrome

This disease affects one in ten people and doctors belive the stress encourages this syndrome.Treatment is based on the degree of disease but
most commonly doctors will presribe you laxatives or other medications that reduce muscle spasms. Diagnosis of the disease is lifelong and requires time-consuming and high-quality treatment.

As mentioned causes are not strictly defined,we advise you to immediately contact a doctor if you notice any of the symptoms.

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