Top foods for diabetics

top foods for diabetics


Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber and it is digested more slowly in the body then processed carbohydrates.
When we eat oatmeal body will slowly release glucose into blood which will prevent sugar spike in blood.
Study made in 2012 at the Swedish Karolinska University shown that if you use in four meals daily products from
whole grains you reduces the incidence of diabetes by 30%.[1]


top foods for diabetics

Oatmeal is great meal to start a day


This fruit is very low in calories and contains high amount of fibers which help you feel full for longer time.Granny Smith
and Red Delicious types of apples are one of the best source of the fruits rich in antioxidants.
Nutritionists recommend that you do not peel the apple because peel also contains fiber that can slow the converting
of carbohydrates to glucose in the blood.[2]

Top foods for diabetics

Apples are also good food for diabetics


Because it is rich with monounsaturated fat,which slows digestion and it is also preventing sugar spike in blood after
eating.Study shows that people who use diet that is high in monounsaturated fats and low in simple carbohydrates
have improved their insulin sensitivity.[3]


Almost all beans contains soluble fiber which helps in controlling blood sugar levels.They also contains a perfect
mix of high quality carbohydrates and proteins.Study made on Archives of Internal Medicine found that diabetics
who consumed beans improved control of blood sugar and reduced the risk of heart disease.


Berries are rich in fibers and antioxidants.The red and blue are also rich in compaund called anthocyanins.Scientists

have come to the conclusion that this compaund help increases insulin production and helps you reduce blood sugar.
I know that hey are not avaible throughout the year but the frozen one are great alternative too.[4]

Read more about health benefits of eating blueberries.


I know you heard that carrots are not good for diabetics couse of sugar that they contain is transformed
too quickly into our bloodstram.But the amount of the sugar they contain is very low.Carrots are also rich
with beta-carotene which helps in better blood sugar control.[5]


Eggs are inexpensive food rich in proteins.One whole egg can contain up to 6 grams of protein.Nutritionist
recommend that you can eat yolk too but only three times a week.The restriction doesn’t apply on the egg white
which have only 16 calories and 4 grams of proteins.Eggs are perfect food for control blood sugar and not to
mention how good they are for weight loss or maintain weight.

Milk and milk products

Because of the high content of the protein and calcium they help you lose weight.Also they help
preventing diabetes by incrasing chances of better insulin sensitivity.Scientists from Hardvard Medical School
found that daily servings of milk or dairy products reduces risk of insulin resistance by more than 20%.


Because they are nutritional dense food and contain protein and fibre they are slowly digested in our body and they
don’t affect sugar levels into the blood.
Yes I know they contains high amout of fat but that kind of fat (monounsaturated) is one of the healthiest fats.
You can eat them like snack between the meals.

Sweet potatoes

The sweet potato is healthier version of traditional white potato.Sweet potato also rise your sugar 30% less then
the white one.Because of the high content of the soluble fiber the sweet potato will help you slower the digestion
of the food and lower the bad cholesterol.It also contains carotenoids which help in better insulin response.
And did I mention that they contain also chlorogenic acid which helps with reducing insulin resistance?

top foods for diabetics

Sweet potatoes are very good alternative to white potatoes because they have lower glycemic index

Also honorable mention are broccoli,olive oil,seeds,fish and chicken.

Top foods for diabetics
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