This is why you should workout in cold weather

We all preffer summer when it comes to workout but did you know that winter have it’s own benefits for working out too?

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Benefits of working out in the cold

1.We burn more calories
Did you know that body burn calories by increase the body temperature.And that is what is exactly happening when we workout out in cold weather.This research prove that for same amount of time we will burn more calories on outdoor training then on inside training.[1]

2.Improves our mood

When we stay a long period of time inactive and indoors we have higher risk of seasonal affective disorder.Which of course you can prevent with walk with your friend but the must better option is training outdoors as it will increase your serotonin levels also,which are hormones of happiness.Also if we workout outdoors,even if there is a little sun,we could get a small amount of vitamin D which play important role for mood and happiness.

3.It strengthen your heart

Because it is cold our heart need to work much harder to keep the circulation going thru the whole body,which means you will basically train your heart too if you workout outdoor too.

Are there any risk involved? I advise that people who have heart problems not even to try this cause it might be risky.But if you still decide to do it,please consult with your doctor.

Also I need to mention that cold weather can increase the risk of dehydration.And I know this might sound strange cause most of us don’t even feel like we are sweating when we workout on cold weather this happens because of the lack of humidity.Because of this I recommend you to drink enough water before,while and after your workout.

Also you should watch our where you train so you could avoid ice surfice.

These are my recommendation if you decide to workout outdoor :

1.Find a partner

It is always better to workout with partner than alone,of course you will have more motivation too.
And you could talk and walk after you finish with the workout.

2.Warm up indoors

Before going out to workout be sure to do some stretching indoors so you can prevent the risk of injury.

3.Wear a heat

Maybe you didn’t know,but if you don’t wear heat you can loose up to 10% of body heat from your head only.So wearing a heat is must do so you can keep your body warm on those cold temperatures.

4.If you don’t like working out outdoors try something you enjoy more

If you don’t like to workout on winter try something new like dancing indoors,ice skating,going to closed pool.

This is why you should workout in cold weather
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