Powerful anti-wrinkle homemade recipe ( only 4 ingredients )

Powerful anti-wrinkle homemade recipe

anti wrinkle recipe

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles we often use different creams,cosmetic treatments i now the botox treatment is popular too.But all those treatments and creams are usually expensive.This is one reason to avoid them,second is that they might contains harmful ingredients such as preservatives,thats why I will give you home made anti wrinkle cream recipe which is made from completly natural ingredients.This recipe also suits all type of skin,it hydrates and evens skin,reduces wrinkles,slow down aging and deliver visible results after only 10 days of use.

These are ingredients of the cream :
1 Yolk
2 tablespoons almonds oil (for substitute can be used olive oil)
1/2 tablespoon of honey
2 Vaseline (medical)


Vaseline should melt steamed ( you will need couple of minutes for that ) and after that you should add other
ingredients.Mix well.It will take a few minutes to obtain a homogeneous mass.Transfer it to clean bowl (you can
use old cream bowl you just need to wash it first).Apply the cream to clean skin using light,circular movements.


The cream need two hours to absorb so it is best to use it two hours before sleeping.Keep the cream in the fridge.

Powerful anti-wrinkle homemade recipe ( only 4 ingredients )
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  • Judy

    What is 2 Vaseline (medical)? what does the 2 mean and what kind of vaseline

  • Mary Martin

    That sounds great. I will try it. Right now I am using Bio Oil which is really good and inexpensive

  • Vella

    I ll try it for sure

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