This is how many seconds you need to lought daily to prolong your life!


Research shows that laugh can protect us from many diseases,prolong life and that is the most powerful weapon against stress.

Therefore,experts advise that when you are not feeling good to try laugh for 20 seconds,because it is enough that the positive effects reach the brain.In order to laugh even if we are not felling good,they propose we should do the following :

1.Lie,listen to the music that you like and try to relax.When the body and head relax,smile will automatically shine on his face.

2.A little chocolate will surely bring a smile,even if you don’t eat sweets that much.

3.Hang out with positive people.

4.If you have a partner,don’t go away from him when you are not in the mood but instead relieve the tension and strife with tenderness.

5.Studies show that kindness improves mood and that just with using ordinary words like hello,thank you,please,how are you.

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