Low fat milk is not healthy as you might think!


A new study published in the journal Circulation shows that whole milk is alot healthier than low fat milk and that low fat dairy products may even increase the risk of diabetes.The researchers analyzed the blood of 3,333 adults over 15 years and have found that people who drank whole milk had a 46 percent lower risk of developing diabetes

“We have no evidence that people who consumed low-fat dairy products are healthier than those who ate full-fat dairy products,” said leader of the study, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian for magazine Time.

The byproducts of full-fat dairy products help reduce the risk of developing diabetes.Researchers believe that help the regulation of glucose and insulin in the body.

Consuming full fat products you will feel fuller for longer time than consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrates,so people who consumed high-fat products generally consumed less calories also.

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