You can lose up to 1 kilogram per day with this American diet

You can lose up to 1 kilogram per day with this American diet

American diet

On this diet you will forgot about carbs for some time.That is how our body will get rid of body fat.

With this diet you should start on Monday.First six days you might lose up to 6kg and every next day you might lose additional one kilogram per day.For twenty four days you can los up to 20 kilograms.

Important note : If you during this day you eat even smallest pieace of bread or any other foods that contain mainly carbs you will automatically stop the process of burning fat.

You can follow this diet as many days as you want to lose weight.When you reach the desired weight,you will need up to two years to start gain weight again.Isn’t this great?

Important note: Before you decide to use this or any other diet – consult your doctor.

The diet is not harmful to health and as long as you follow the instructions,your body will work great and you will get rid of unwanted body fat.

What is allowed to eat on this American diet?

All kinds of meat: beef,veal,pork,lamb,duck,turkey,poultry,chicken … you can prepare this on every possible way expect fried and maligned.

So you can eat boiled, fried, grilled,dried,sausages,all kinds paste,except frankfurters.

All typs of fish: marine fish,freshwater fish and all kinds of fish cans.

All types salad: fresh green salad,egg salad,fresh or roasted peppers,cucumbers,fresh or pickled cabbage,beets,salad of seafood,
salad onions,spinach,chicory.All salads season with oil,vinegar,salt,pepper,red pepper.

All types vegetables: cauliflower,Swiss chard,spinach,leeks,kale,fresh or pickled cabbage,asparagus,artichoka,tomatoes,carrots,
parsley,celery,turnip,Brussels sprouts.

You can drink: mineral water,tonic,plain water,black coffee and all kinds of tea without sugar.After the sixth day is allowed to drink white wine,lemonade and lemon.

It is forbidden to eat: bread, potatoes, flour, rice, lentils, beans, peas, bread crumbs, maligned meat, pasta, peanut, hazelnut, frankfurters, nuts.
Also all kinds of diary products are also prohibited milk,butter,sour or sweet cream,yogurt,kefir,various dairy and fruit puddings,margarine,cream,
no cookies,sweet dessert,sugar,chocolate,various snacks,sweet or savory,ice cream.Neither type cheese and any kind of fruit.FRUIT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Tip: Because this diet restrict some foods you might have deficiency in some vitamins and minerals.It is therefore necessary,while you are on this diet to use as supplements of vitamin C and E, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

How to prepare meals : Cook the vegetables of your choice,put the meat and all the spices (salt, pepper, garlic, and remain small vegetables, a little oil).Try it all cooked in large quantity to reach you for the whole day.

When you feel hungry you can eat almost constantly,until you feel satiety.So create your meals for whole day with food that is allowed.

You can lose up to 1 kilogram per day with this American diet
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  • Does not sound superhealthy as absolutely no Healthy berries are mentioned, like blueberries.

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