9 health benefits of olives and olive oil (9 was suprise to me )

9 health benefits of olives and olive oil (9 was suprise to me )


Olive oil has reputation,but also the raw olive have many benifits.In case you didnt know the olive is fruit,and
here are ten reasons why you should eat them daily.

1.Cardiovascular benefits

When free radicals oxidize cholesterol,blood vessels are damaged,and fat accumulates in the arteries,which can eventually lead to heart attack.Antioxidant nutrients in black olives prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and help prevent heart disease.Olives are rich in monounsaturated fats which have been found to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis [1] and increase good cholesterol.[2]Recent studies have shown that monounsaturated fats found in olives ( and olive oil ) may help reduce high blood pressure.[3]Oleic acid in olive – when absorbed into the body and transported to our cells – can alter signaling at the cell membrane level,and these changes at the level of the cell membrane result in a reduction in blood pressure.

2.Weight Loss

Studies show that high protein diet with combination with
monounsaturated fat can promote weight loss.[4]Olive oil promotes the breakdown of fat in the fat cells, so you can easily solve abdominal fat and reduce insulin resistance.[5] Studies show that if you increase intake of monounsaturated fats instead of saturatedcan improve your insulin sensitivity.[6]People who often consume olives are consuming less calories and it is rare that they are overweight.Blood tests show that they have higher levels of serotonin ,the so-called satiety hormones.[7] Even the aroma of olives can cause a feeling of satiety and reduce caloric intake by almost 176 per day.[8]

3.Cancer Prevention

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of olive make them natural protection against cancer cause chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation may be key factors in the development of cancer.[9]Providing our rich supplies of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients,olives may prevent a dangerous combination of chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.[10]Olive oil contains excellent amount of vitamin E,[11]which neutralizes free radicals in fatty tissue.[12]Especially in combination with a stable monounsaturated fats found in olive,vitamin E may improve cellular processes.[13]Free radicals can interfere with processes such as mitochondrial energy production and cause oxidation,damage to cellular mitochondria and producing insufficient amounts of energy to supply the body’s needs.If the cell DNA is damaged,it may be possible mutation and cancer.Studies shown that if you use olive oil in your diet you will reduce the risk of colon cancer.[14]

4.Less pain

Olive contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that may act as a natural ibuprofen.[15]Their oils contain oleocanthal,a substance with anti-inflammatory activity.[16]Similar to conventional NSAIDs.
Interestingly, 50 g ( more than three and half tablespoons ) of virgin olive oil contains the amount oleocanthala whose anti-inflammatory activity similar to one tenth the dose of ibuprofen for adults.

5.Healthy Skin and Hair

Olives,especially the black contain antioxidants and fatty acids that nourish,moisturize and protect the skin.Vitamin E in olive protects skin from UV rays [17],which keeps skin cancer and premature aging.It’s great to smear olive oil after a shower,but do not use it as a sunscreen because that wasn’t the purpose of it,you could end up with burns.For healthy hair,
mix egg yolk and olive oil and apply on the hair and after a while wash your hair.

6.Less allergies

Anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil are good for those who have allergies.Olive extracts act as antihistamines at the cellular level.By blocking histamine receptors unique components in olive
can help reduce allergic reactions.They can increase blood flow and its anti-inflammatory properties help alleviate the effects of diseases such
as asthma.

7.Healthy digestive tract

Daily consumption of monounsaturated fats mixed with vitamin E in black olives is associated with lower risk of colon cancer.These nutrients are neutralizing free radicals.Olive oil has a beneficial effect on ulcers[18] and gastritis [19].In addition,triggers the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones,thereby reducing the frequency of formation of gallstones.
A cup of black olives contains 18 % of the daily amount of fiber,[20]
which promotes a healthy digestive tract and supports the ideal balance of chemicals and microorganisms necessary for a healthy digestive system.

8.Good source of iron

Olives,especially black,are rich in iron.[21]The ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body is dependent on the presence
of iron in the blood.If you suffer from iron deficiency,our tissue does not get enough oxygen and can feel the coldness or weakness.Iron plays an important role in energy production.And the proper function of many enzymes and immune system depends on a sufficient amount of iron.

9.Increases blood glutathione levels

Consumption of olive is associated with significantly increased levels of glutathione in the blood and improving the antioxidant capacity.
Glutathione has reputation of most important antioxidants that can be found in nature.[22]Lower levels of glutathione in the blood are associated with high blood pressure elevated percentage of body fat and generally poorer health status.Higher levels are associated with better health and prevention of cancer.Look this video about this antioxidant on Dr Oz Show.


9 health benefits of olives and olive oil (9 was suprise to me )
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