Harvard study say that we eat less vegetables then ever!



Almost everybody knows that vegetables are healthy but the data shows that in the last five years we eat them less than ever.The study of American scientists from the “Harvard” found that 87 per cent of people do not eat 50 grams of vegetables per day.If you are one of them here is what pepper,zucchini,carrots and lettuce can do for you.
You will look better. You have heard that your skin will be brighter and cleaner if you regulary eat vegetables.That is now scientifically confirmed.Researchers from the University of Notthingamu made an interesting experiment.They showed to subjects faces of people from around the world about which they knew nothing and they mostly choosed those who eated vegetables like more attractive and better looking.Why is it like that? Because vegetables improves circulation,which means that a person should be better vascularized and will therefore look fresher and younger.
You will lose weight more easier : Vegetables have less calories than meat,pasta and dairy products and you will lose weight much faster if you eat vegetables more often.For example 200 grams of spinach has only 15 calories,while same amount of pasta even 400 calories.
Better digestion : If your bowels are lazy,you will be lazy too.Vegetable fibers,accelerating the flow of food through the intestines.From vegetables,you will be happier,more satisfied and will have more energy.
You will be healthier : You already problably know that if you eat more vegetables you will reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.But surely you do not know how small changes in your diet can make a big change.For example,additional servings of green salad or any other greens,can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 14 percent.
Amount for seven days

If you stick to this diet plan, you will eat the minimum daily amount of vegetables for seven days.
Breakfast: Twice a week,prepare a shake of spinach,frozen fruit,Greek yogurt and almond milk.
Lunch: With lunch eat as much salad you can.


Dinner: During the weak make atleast two times risotto with vegetables that you like and season it with garlic and pepper.

Harvard study say that we eat less vegetables then ever!
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