Five healthy foods that are bad for your teeth

Five healthy foods that are bad for your teeth

Although foods such as milk, natural juices and dried fruit are good for our health,it doesn’t mean that they are also good for our teeth.If you want to keep bright smile and white teeth,make sure you eat less of these foods.

1. Milk


Milk contains a lot of calcium and therefore is good for health.On the other hand,milk sugar destroys enamel and can cause cavities.That is why children should avoid drinking milk right before bedtime and same goes for adults also.After a glass of milk before bed wash your teeth.


Lemon is full of vitamin C and some people also use it for whitening teeth,but such habits can be very harmful.Citric acid is very strong and can damage tooth enamel.If you don’t have at hand toothbrush,rinse the cavity with plain water.

3.Orange juice

orange juice

Juice of citrus such as orange or grapefruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients,but equally also contains large amounts of sugar and strong acids that are the enemy of our teeth,and can cause yellow stains and damage to the enamel.A few sips of water after eating a tasty juice,reduce harmful effects on teeth.

4.Dried fruits

Delicious dried fruits is a perfect ally in weight loss because it will keep you satiated for longer period of time and it is packed with vitamins and minerals.But when it comes to your teeth, this sweet is their worst enemy.Apart from being sticky, dried fruit is full of sugar.It sticks on and between the teeth and can cause cavities.The only way to get rid of the remains of the fruit in the mouth is washing it after your eat them.

5.Red Wine

If red wine is good for your heart and circulation its acid destroy tooth enamel.Experts recommend brushing your teeth hour after drinking wine and if you don’t have a toothbrush swish plain water in your mouth.

Five healthy foods that are bad for your teeth
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