Factors which increase the risk of breast cancer

Factors which increase the risk of breast cancer

breast cancer

Breast cancer is the cause of death of about twenty-two percent of women.The survival rate is determined by diagnosis and type of cancer.Breast cancer can be genetically inherited,occur due to improper lifestyle or some other disease.The most important thing is to know what factors can lead to this.

1.Race and ethnicity

It is scientifically proven that the white women tend to develop breast cancer more often then African-American women.However,the cure rate is higher among white women.

2.Genetics and family history

You may be genetically predisposed to getting breast cancer if women in your family have established this diagnosis.You should go regulary to doctor check up’s.

3.Identity medical history

If you already have had a breast cancer,unfortunately,it is possible that it will appear on the other breast.It is therefore very important to go on regular controls.

4.Dense breasts

The breasts are composed of fatty,glandular and fibrous tissue.When you have more glandular and fibrous tissue and less fat the higher is the risk of getting breast cancer.

5.Menstruation, obesity and age

If you get your period early and your menopause late,when you are about fifty years of age,then you have increased risk of breast cancer.As for weight,women that gain weight in advanced years are more prone to getting cancer than those who are obese since childhood.

6.Birth control pills

Taking contraceptive pills can also increase the risk of cancer.However,the good news is that the risk is reduced or disappears as soon as you stop drinking them.

Factors which increase the risk of breast cancer
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