Everything you should know about tooth decay

Everything you should know about tooth decay


Tooth dacay is caused by a lack of vitamins,minerals and other nutrients that the body could use to build a healthy teeths.Two most important minerals for this are calicum and phosphate.Ofcorse this two minerals have other functions in body also.But if you have deficiency in this two minerals the body will “borrow” them from teeth and bones to use them in other parts of body,like for heart.For optimal dental health you should avoid
eating these foods :

Any form of sugar : because it “borrow” calcium from our bones and teeth.
Flour products (breads, crackers, pasta) : White flour does not contain minerals and vitamins because like that it have longer shelf life.Fresh flour will go rancid after only two weeks,even if you keep it in fridge.
All forms of pasteurized dairy products : During process of heat pasteurization bad and good bacteria is destroyed,it causes also loss of half of vitamin C,some vitamins also are destroyed up to 80% and vitamin B 12 is even destroyed 100%.Also it changes the structure which is an effort for our digestive system because it destroyed the enzymes that promote digestion,which then can cause allergy and intolerance.
Iodised salt : because all the minerals are removed.
Grains,nuts and seeds that are not soaked or sprouted : The process of this grains at high temperature destroys the digestive enzymes and creates phytic acid, which blocks the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium,iron.

Dr. Weston Price used in 1930 and 1940 mixture of cod liver oil and butter for the treatment of tooth decay.I will briefly tell you the most important details.He decided to find out what couses tooth decay,so he decited to travel around the world and visit the nation with best teeth – primitives.He watched their diet and by doing that he discovered that they used four times more water soluble vitamins such as calcium and other,ten times more fat soluble vitamins(Vitamin A and d) mainly from animal foods such as butter from grass fed animals,fish eggs then Americans in their diet.

Weston Price

He also found a new fat soluble vitamin which is named Activator X.That vitamin is very similiar to Vitamin A and D and have function of helping the body to absorb minerals that otherwise are lost.Good thing about this vitamin is that it doesnt get destroyed during pasteurization, but it is lost in cows that were fed with large amounts of proteins and soy.

But situation wasnt perfect with primitives also.Some of them didnt have perfect teeth.He discovered these primitives were using modern diet and they consumed for breakfast cereals and products of the white flour.Then he decided to add double higher dose of calcium then phosphorus.He started with adding one teaspoon of cod liver oil and 1/2 teaspoon of butter oil in a glass of organge or tomato juice.Then he added into their diet soup with beef pieces and alot of vegetables,mostly carrots.He also added cooked fruits,rolls of whole wheat(that was freshly grounded and spreaded with butter) and two cups of raw milk.

They continued eating a modern style breakfast but they changed ther eating habits during the day,and despite the fact they they had 90% success in the treatment of tooth decay (including the girl who had 42 cavities on 24 teeth). There are photos of X-rays on the net as well as in books Doctor Price.

When your teeth become sensitive, it is a sign that you’ve lost minerals and you need to build enamel back.If you have already cavities forming you will need magnesium, calcium and various enzymes to build enamel again.Most people think that taking Multivitamins tablets will finish the work for this,but RDA doses are enough to survive but not for optimal health.

You should consume the following foods for healthy teeth:

Cod liver oil and butter oil
Unpasteurised milk and dairy products of grass fed animals.Butter,kefir, yogurt, cheese.
Proteins of animal origin, eggs, fish, or liver
Lots of green vegetables
Soup made from bones with vegetables and algae
Sprouted nuts and grains
Sea salt

Everything you should know about tooth decay
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