When to drink cold water and when to drink warm water

When to drink cold water and when to drink warm water

We all know that we can’t live without water.But is any difference when drinking hot or cold water? Natural medicine like Ayurveda say that the water temperature is very important.The water we drink shouldn’t be too warm or too cold.

So when you should drink cold water?

When you exercise

Physical activity increases body temperature and the sweating is the the mechanism which is trying to cool of the body.In this situation we are loosing a lot of water which means if we drink cold water during exercising we are rehydrating our body and cooling it off.It is recommended that the water should be slighty cooler than room temperature.


Drinking cold water while having fever is one od the methods for cooling the body.It is very important to get enough liquid if you have fever so you can help the body to fight off infection.

Weight loss

Cold water can speed up the metabolism and help you lose extra 70 calories a day.The water is not  ideal remedy again obesity,over time,it can help you in losing weight.Calories burned by drinking cold water are equal to 15 minutes of walking.

When you should drink warm water?


According to Ayurveda,you should consume warm water in the morning because it helps activiated digestion enzymes.If you drink cold water after eating your body will digest food a little slower because it will use more energy for the digestion process.


When it comes to clean the body of the toxins water is very helpful.It is recommended to pour in warm water a few drops of lemon and start the day with that drink.In addition to lemon,you can use also cucumber,mint,apple and cinnamon which are also good in detoxification.

Against pain

If you suffer from headaches or some inflammation,it is better to drink warm water which stimulates blood circulation.Warm water can also help with menstrual cramps.


The warm water is very helpful if you have constipation.That way you will solve the problem of constipation and you will provide the body the desired amount of liquid,which deficiency can be one of the causes of  constipation.

When to drink cold water and when to drink warm water
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