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Fish oil side effects

Fish oil side effects At this moment AHA (American Heart Association) recommends taking up to 3 grams of fish oil daily.But I have used more and some my clients also and we

8 foods against fatigue

8 foods against fatigue Most of people when felling tired eat processed carbs which will even worse your situation.Here are the 8 foos which you should eat if felling tired. Watermelon When

What to eat when you feel tired and weak

What to eat when you feel tired and weak Because of the fast pace of modern life and hard working many people are under a lot of stress and feel tired during the

Health benefits of lemon

Health benefits of lemon It is incredible what can lemon do for your body and skin. Most people are more likely to consume sugary drinks instead of water,which in general is not

Health benefits of yogurt

Health benefits of yogurt ` The yogurt has many benefits for health.. Mainly it’s used because it contains good bacteria,which improves the digestion.But that is not the only health benefits of yogurt.

How to curb sugar cravings

How to curb sugar cravings As I have mentioned before, I have a personal experience in lowering the sugar consumption, and I know very well how difficult is to quit of it.

What is paleo diet

What is paleo diet Paleo diet The paleo diet is the same ways of food that our ancestors have use it before developing the agriculture. The people who are supporting this diet

How to reduce bad cholesterol naturally

How to reduce bad cholesterol naturally How to reduce the bad cholesterol level I will give you a few natural tricks for reducing cholesterol. Oatmeal No, I won’t speak about those oatmeals that

Tips to lower blood pressure naturally

Some tips to lower blood pressure The high blood pressure (hypertension) can cause a stroke, heart attack and heart disease and is the biggest causer of disability and early death worldwide. This

Symptoms of Food Addiction

Symptoms of Food Addiction You have cravings even you are done eating Do you know that feeling when you have eaten chicken with rice, and you would like to eat a desert,

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