Why you should eat watermelon

Why you should eat watermelon


Excellent nutritional value

Even 92% of watermelon is water, there is too little dietary fiber, fat and protein to mention,but it is very rich in minerals and vitaminims.One piece of watermelon that is about 150 grams contains about 25% of the required dose of vitamin C, 10% required dose of vitamin A, potassium and small amounts of calcium, iron and vitamin B complex.

It helps in weight loss

The mention piece of 150 grams contains only 46 calories, making it an excellent choice for a snack or dessert for those trying to lose weight.

Strengthens the immune system

Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, and thus strengthens imunitet.Unfortunately, this vitamin is not stored in the body so it is recommended that you consume daily foods that contains it and the frequent consumption of watermelon is preferably.

Improves look of the skin

Water and large amounts of vitamins and antioxidants in watermelon neutralize free radicals,which helps in increasing skin moisture and prevent its damage.

Regulates blood pressure

High concentrations of the amino acid citrulline in watermelon helps to relax the blood vessels,and thus better flow of blood through the body.

Protection against disease

Antioxidant lycopene prevents damage of healthy cells in the body caused by metabolic processes and aging.This is associated with protection against cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Why you should eat watermelon
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