15 Health benefits of garlic(Number 15 was suprise for me)

15 Health benefits of garlic(Number 15 was suprise for me)


1.It prevent infections

Garlic boosts the immune system and prevents infections.If you have flu or colds during winter months,you can add garlic do your diet.Research shows that consuming garlic for 12 weeks reduced flu and colds for 63% as opposed to those they used a placebo.

2.Help with potency

Some people also believe that garlic is a very good remedy for potency, so if you have that kind of problems try first with consuming garlic before you go after Viagra.

3.Can prevent heart diseases

Garlic can also help prevent cardiovascular disease, as studies have shown that garlic reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.Garlic is also a beneficial effect on high blood pressure and reduces the chances of heart problems.
Scientists believe that for these properties of garlic are responsible sulphides which garlic produces.This gas is actually produced in red blood cells and it’s function is to expand vessels and veins and preventing the formation of fat in the walls of the arteries.

4.You can heal wounds faster with garlic

In First World War soldiers used ground garlic on infected wounds.This advantage of garlic is specific because it contains allicin and sulfuric compound that is a natural antibiotic.If you choose to use supplements of garlic then it is best to use it in powder form because with the processing of the tablets,allicin is lost.

5.It can help you in weight loss

Garlic is a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C and manganese, and at the same time it is low in calories.Studies show that diet rich in garlic can help you in weight loss.

6.Garlic is recommended for diebetics

Garlic regulates blood sugar and has a great impact on the production of insulin in the blood.Because of this characteristics diabetics can use it without any side effects.

7.A beneficial effect on acne and clean face

Many say that the juice of garlic a good treatment for acne.Just crush two garlic and put the mixture on your face and the results will be visible in just few minutes.The active ingredient of garlic,allicin also help soften the skin.Try to add crushed garlic in your favourite face mask.

8.It is also beneficial to herpes

Herpes is a very unpleasant occurrence, but if you want them to heal freely put garlic on the affected place for about 10 minutes.For better effect repeat the treatment 5 times during the day.

9.It makes your hair stronger

Garlic can also renew and refresh your hair, so if you have a problem with hair loss, apply the garlic oil or juice on your hair and leave it like that for about 10 minutes.[1] After this treatment wash the hair with regular shampoo.

10.Cough syrup

Garlic acts as an antibiotic and can help fight cough.Chop two garlic and put them in 2 cups of water,leave it to stand for several minutes then drink it like tea.If the taste is too bitter for you,add honey.

11.Alternative treatment for athlete’s foot

As we have already mentioned garlic has antifungal properties, so if you have athlete’s foot you can put water with garlic and your athlete’s foot will pass in a few days.

12.It can protect you from mosquitoes

This has been scientifically proven, but if you do not believe try for yourself.Make garlic juice and apply it on your skin.Scientists believe that this is because mosquitoes have strong receptors for smell but the garlic smell does not suit them.The unique disadvantage of this method is that you will smell like garlic which is not exactly the most pleasant scent.

13.Garlic has high antioxidant activity

Because garlic contains many antioxidants it can help our body to fight free radicals and help you in detoxification of the body.

14.Garlic may prevent some type of cancer

According to the website of the National library garlic can prevent colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the rectum.[2]

15.Garlic can improve your sex life

Because it stimulates circulation and orgasm many believe that it is a powerful aphrodisiac.

If you want to cover up the bad smell after consuming garlic chew two or three leafs of parsley.Also don’t be suprised if your body smells like garlic after its consumption, because the smell is released through the pores.

Intersting fact

Did you know that the Greek physician Hippocrates used garlic as a cure for many diseases.

15 Health benefits of garlic(Number 15 was suprise for me)
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