10 health benefits of acai berry

10 health benefits of acai berry

health benefits of acai berry

1.Because Oprah recommend it

Recently one of the guest in Oprah Show were Dr.Perrisone who said that acai berries are superfood number one.Oprah cant be wrong!

2.They prevent cancer

Study from Univiristy of Florida discovered that acai berries couse self-destruction as a response of a development of cancer cells.lthough the research is still in its initial phase, many scientists believe that the acai berry is very effective in the fight against cancer.

3.They provide energy

Brazilian surfers are using this fruit for years.The juice from these berries can give you more lasting energy then coffee.And I should mention that the juice from acai berries is much more healthier choice.

4.Improve vision

Acai berries contain anthocyanins,which improves the vision.Especially is good at improving night vision.

5.They taste good

How much healthy food taste good?You will not find alot of such food that have that many health benefits
along with good taste.Actually taste of the acai berries is like mixture of chocolate and blueberries,
so you can give them also to your kids and they will think it’s dessert.

6.Improves sex life

The locals in Amazon region consider the acai berry as a replacement for the Viagra and that is why they named it “Amazon Rainforest Viagra”.Better circulation,more energy and good stamina will ensure that you libido is high.Healthier people have more desire for sex and acai berries are an excellent choice for improving sexual life.

7.It lowers bad cholesterol

Omega 3 essential fatty acids also improve your condition with bad cholesterol and reduce the chances of a heart attack.

8.They help in losing weight

Acia contains plenty of antioxidant,minerals,vitamins and fatty acids that help you to lose weight.Acai also contains cyanidin which is known by preventing fat absorption.

9.Slows aging

Acai according to some sources contains more antioxidants then any other type of fruits and vegetables.Antioxidans help the fight against damage caused by free radicals.These berries will not only slow down aging,
but will improve your immune system,so that your hair and skin look more beautiful.

10.Improves mood and memory

Acai berries contains essential fatty acids,which research has shown to help fight depression and increase general brain function.

10 health benefits of acai berry
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